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Figure 13. Visibility, screen scale, window movement and minimum frame cycle time
public int getVisibilityPolicy()
public void setVisibilityPolicy(int policy)
// Get and set the visibility policy for current view. Options are:
// View.VISIBILITY_DRAW_VISIBLE - only draw visible objects (default)
// View.VISIBILITY_DRAW_INVISIBLE - only draw invisible objects
// View.VISIBILITY_DRAW_ALL - draw all objects
public int getScreenScalePolicy()
public void setScreenScalePolicy(int policy)
// Get and set screen scale policy for current view. Options are:
// view.SCALE_SCREEN_SIZE - scale equals half of physical screen width (default)
// view.SCALE_EXPLICIT - scale equals user-provided screenScale parameter.
public int getWindowMovementPolicy()
Public void setWindowMovementPolicy(int policy)
// Get and set window movement policy. Options are:
// view.VIRTUAL_WORLD - window is an opening to virtual world; image will change when window shifts
// view.PHYSICAL_WORLD - image in window remain unchanged when window shifts (default)
public long getMinimiumFrameCycleTime()
public void setMinimiumFrameCycleTime(long minimiumTime)
// Get and set the minimum time, in milliseconds, for refreshing one frame for current view. The default is 0
vIsIbIlIty, screen scale, WIndoW movement, and
frame cycle tIme
Other important policies that can be specified under View are the minimum frame cycle
time, visibility, screen scale and window movement. The various options available and
their significance are indicated in Figure 13.
As shown in Figures 1 and 2, the object Canvas3D is basically a 2D canvas on which 3D
objects in the virtual universe will be painted or rendered on. Thus, there must be at least
one Canvas3D object attached to a View object. Figure 14 gives the constructor for a
Canvas3D object and shows how it can be attached to a View object. The various default
values are also shown.
Note that Canvas3D should not be initialized with a null argument. Instead, its Graph-
icsConfiguration argument should be properly set up. This can be done manually or by
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