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The single eye view of the 3D world as depicted in Figure 1 corresponds to what has been
used in previous chapters through the SimpleUniverse utility class. The availability of this
utility allows one to develop a 3D application that uses a single view rapidly and easily
without the need to understand the mechanism of viewing fully.
However, to develop multiple view applications, be it based on multiple view platforms,
canvas, or other means, an appreciation of how the view model is implemented is needed.
In this section, we will outline the structure of the SimpleUniverse class and show how it
can be implemented using core API functions. This will form the foundation for making
changes to result in multiple views.
Figure 2 shows the scene graph structure of a typical Java 3D program. The SimpleUniverse
object, created from using the relevant utility class to provide a minimal Virtual Universe,
corresponds to the group of objects within the dashed line. To implement the SimpleUni-
verse object using core API functions, we need to create all the necessary components in
the same manner as shown. Specifically, the following steps should be carried out:
Figure 2. Simple Universe scene graph
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