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Figure 1. View model
vIeW model
Figure 1 shows the view model used in Java 3D. As can be seen, the ViewPlatform is es-
sential a magic carpet on which the eye of the user is located. By default, it is positioned
at the origin and looks into the negative z-axis. Technically, the eye forms part of a View
object, which also consists of a PhysicalBody and PhysicalEnvironment objects. The latter
two give the actual physical characteristics of the user such as the eye and ear positions.
As shown, the eye sees a single view of the 3D world with bounds defined by the view
frustum. Visual objects within this volume will be rendered onto a canvas or a Canvas3D
object. Basically a 2D window to the 3D virtual world, it is the Canvas3D object that will
be rendered for display on the appropriate 2D system display device.
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