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Chapter XI
Multiple Views
Our discussions in previous chapters have centered on the creation and interaction of
visual objects in a virtual 3D world. The objects and scenes constructed, however, will
ultimately have to be shown on appropriate display devices such as a single PC monitor,
a stereoscopic head mount display (HMD), or a multi screen project system (Salisbury,
Farr, & Moore, 1999).
Also, it is quite often that we may need to show different views of the created universe
at the same time for certain applications. Even for the case of a single PC monitor, showing
different views of the same objects in different windows will be instructive and informa-
tive, and may be essential in some cases.
While we have been using a single simple view in earlier chapters, Java 3D has inherent
capabilities to give multiple views of the created 3D world for supporting, say, the use of
head tracking HMD systems for user to carry out 3D navigation (Yabuki, Machinaka, &
Li, 2006). In this chapter, we will discuss how multiple views can be readily generated after
outlining the view model and the various components that make up the simple universe
view used previously.
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