Java Reference
In-Depth Information
input fields, and data grids. We are simply providing a cursory overview of
ActionScript and MXML as your application focuses more on the Java aspects of
the application.
Figure 4-9. Similar classes in both ActionScript and Java
Flex communicates with Java application servers using HTTP, SOAP-based
web services, or Action Message Format (AMF),), Adobe's proprietary format. You
can choose from a few open-source AMF implementations including WebORB,
GraniteDS, and Adobe's BlazeDS. All of these implementations provide the ability
to communicate via JMS or Flex remoting. Remoting is much quicker and more
efficient than using XML across the wire and is the protocol that you will be using
for your application.
You are going to set up a Flex application that fetches accounts from Bigtable
using GraniteDS. The remoting service is a high-performance data transfer service
that allows your Flex application to directly invoke Java object methods on your
application and consume the return values natively. The objects returned from the
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