Java Reference
In-Depth Information
GAE / J service
Schedule Tasks
Google App Engine for Java, via the Administration Console, provides
an interface for application owners to create and manage cron jobs
on App Engine. More on that in Chapter 9.
Java Tools
The Eclipse IDE, Google Plugin for Eclipse, the local development
server, Apache Ant, and Google Web Toolkit (and much more) are
available for use on Google App Engine for Java.
Now that we've covered how App Engine works and we've reviewed the different
quotas and their limits, you're ready to start coding. It's important to note that these
quotas can change frequently. Reference the online documentation for the current
limits and pricing. In the next chapter you'll set up your development environment
and get started coding for Google App Engine for Java. You'll start by installing the
Google Plugin for Eclipse and creating some small sample projects, and then you'll
move on to tackle a more complicated application.
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