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Billable and Fixed Quotas
App Engine defines two different types of quotas, as shown in Table 2-1.
Table 2-1. App Engine Quota Types
Quota Type
Maximums are set by the user
Vary by application and can be set by the administrator
Fixed Quota
Maximums are set by App Engine
Same for all applications on App Engine
Most applications, and surely everything we show you in this topic, will fit well within
the fixed quota limits of the free version of App Engine. Enabling billing on your App
Engine application increases your quota limits beyond what is provided with the free
version. You'll see an increase in the fixed allotment of resources. And, if you still
need more, you can define a budget and allocate resources from there. Figure 2-2
shows the App Engine budgeting utility.
Figure 2-2. App Engine budget tool
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