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You're going to use a publicly available service for whitelisting (adding all IP addresses
to your Trusted IP Range) your org. Navigate to in your
browser. Enter your credentials, as shown in Figure 9-13, and click the
Go button. That's all the work you'll be doing in this topic. You can close
that window if you want.
Figure 9-13. Whitelisting your org using the Appirio IP Whitelisting tool
Connecting to the Development Org
Create a new Web Application Project in Eclipse. Make sure you uncheck Google Web
Toolkit. As with the Google Wave example, you need to change the JRE to 1.6 to use
the libraries. Reference Figure 9-9 earlier in this chapter if you skipped
the Google Wave example.
As with Google Wave, you need to download the libraries to interact with Point your browser to
and download the partner-library.jar file and the wsc-gae-version.jar . Similar to
the steps in the preceding example, you need to add these files to the war/WEB-INF/lib
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