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Figure 9-11. Interacting with your Google Wave Robot
Integration with is used by millions of people for sales-force automation, CRM, case
management, and much more. In addition to the Software as a Service offerings like CRM,'s platform powers high-traffic
community sites like / , ,
and . and Google Apps have been
collaborating on numerous solutions since the launch of Google Apps to bring the two
cloud offerings together.
Before App Engine was released, Google and had 10 integration
options that were shipping with every org. In
vernacular, an “org” is the equivalent of an “environment,” or, more generally
speaking, the segregated section of a customer's data in the multitenant
environment. Recall from our earlier discussions that multitenant environments
allow multiple customers to share the same data and application tiers while
maintaining segregation of the actual customer data.
From attaching documents to synchronizing your contact lists, combining Google
Apps, App Engine, and made it possible to build more complex
application architectures that met more business requirements without reverting to
on-premise software. If you're building a business application for a company that
uses one of's offerings, you can quickly integrate the two platforms
using the toolkit for Google App Engine. In the following section you'll
create a development org and integrate it with App Engine.
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