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Figure 9-9. Using an alternate JRE in an Eclipse project
Now that you've created your project and set the appropriate JRE for Google Wave, you
can copy the SDK files into the project. Drag and drop the three files you downloaded
from Google Code to the war/WEB-INF/lib directory. After the three .jar files appear in
the Package Explorer, right-click them and select Build Path
Add to Build Path . This
will create another directory in your project called Referenced Libraries with the
Google Wave libraries. You're ready to add the code.
A robot actively participates in the wave through HTTP requests and responses
using the Wave Robot Protocol. The files that you just added to your build path
encapsulate that protocol so you can manage your robot without worrying about the
underlying protocol. Currently, as mentioned, Wave only supports robots built on
App Engine, which identifies applications using their web
address. When a user adds a robot as a participant in a wave, they use the participant
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