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Figure 9-8. Registering the App Engine ID for the Google Wave Robot
Now you're ready to create the Web Application Project in Eclipse. Make sure you
uncheck the Google Web Toolkit for this project. Google Web Toolkit is currently
only supported on Java 1.5, while Google Wave requires Java 1.6. In addition,
you're not going to be building a user interface for this project, so GWT isn't
needed. Set your namespace to com.kyleroche.wave so you can easily copy the
sample code.
If your project defaults to Java 1.5, you will need to right-click the JRE System
Library folder in the Eclipse Package Explorer and select Properties. A dialog
similar to the one in Figure 9-9 will appear. Select a 1.6 JRE to ensure that you're
using a supported version for the Google Wave SDK.
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