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Not every cloud platform can meet the needs of every enterprise challenge. However,
it's common, especially in cloud-based application architectures, to integrate some
of the leading cloud platforms to meet the needs of your business. This is what is
sometimes called the “Cloud of Clouds,” an application architecture that spans
multiple cloud platforms. In this next section we're going to walk through two
examples of connecting the clouds. First, we'll take a look at interacting with Google
Wave, the next-generation communication and collaboration platform from Google.
After that, we'll integrate with, another leading platform as a service
Integration with Google Wave
Google Wave is a new tool for communication and collaboration on the web. It was
announced at Google I/O 2009 and is already available for early preview by over
100,000 developers. Google Wave is a hybrid e-mail /IM/document solution that is
built on XMPP. Instead of communicating through e-mail threads, you use waves,
which are part conversation and part document. All the users that have been added
to the conversation can add content, images, video, and even maps. Each user in the
conversation can see in real time what other users are typing, editing, or adding to
the wave. This tool is sure to change the way we communicate electronically and
drive innovation in a way that we haven't seen since instant messaging was
introduced. We'll briefly touch on the types of APIs or extensions that are available
with Google Wave.
Google Wave Gadgets
Google Wave allows you to embed almost any Google Gadget into a conversation.
Gadgets allow non-Wave code elements or programs to interact with the users in the
conversation. Gadgets exist for scenarios like multiple users collaborating on a map,
users playing chess against each other, and adding photos or uploading files.
Gadgets are more interface oriented and aren't something we'll be covering in
this topic. Unlike, Google Wave Robots, which require App Engine, gadgets can be
built on any platform. For more information on Google Wave Gadgets reference
the online documentation at .
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