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Figure 8-8. Transformed book cover
In this section you used the Images service in Google App Engine to flip an
uploaded image on its vertical axis. You also leveraged some of the things you
learned about the data store in Chapter 7. Before moving on to the Mail API,
experiment with the transformation options available from the Images service.
You can find a full list of available transformations and their descriptions in
Table 8-1.
Table 8-1. Image transformations
Description of Transformation
Resizes images while maintaining the same aspect ratio
Rotates the image in 90-degree increments
Flip Horizontally
Flips the image on the horizontal axis
Flip Vertically
Flips the image on the vertical axis
Crops the image using a bounding box
I'm feeling Lucky
Auto-adjusts the image to enhance dark and bright
colors to optimal levels
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