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public class NotLoggedInException extends Exception implements Serializable
public NotLoggedInException() {
public NotLoggedInException(String message) {
Creating Your Data Service
In order to create your data service for your server, you need to define both a service
interface and the actual service. For your service interface you need to define the
interface extending the GWT RemoteService interface,GWT RemoteService
interface, as shown in Listing 7-7. Your service will consist of the following methods
that will be called from your client:
1. getProjects : Returns an Array of Strings for the Project picklist
getMilestones : Accepts a project name and returns an Array of
Strings for the Milestones picklist
addEntries : Accepts a Vector of TimeEntryData objects and returns
a String with the results of the datastore commit
getEntries : Returns a Vector of TimeEntryData objects containing
the current timecard entries for the current user
Listing 7-7. Your data service extending the GWT RemoteService
package com.appirio.timeentry.client;
import java.util.Vector;
import com.appirio.timeentry.client.TimeEntryData;
public interface DataService extends RemoteService {
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