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public void setMilestone(String milestone) {
this.milestone = milestone;
public Boolean getBillable() {
return billable;
public void setBillable(Boolean billable) {
this.billable = billable;
public Date getDate() {
return date;
public void setDate(Date date) { = date;
public double getHours() {
return hours;
public void setHours(double hours) {
this.hours = hours;
NotLoggedIn Exception
When interacting with the datastore, your service needs to ensure that the user is
logged in to the application with her Google account. If the user has not logged in or
her session has expired, you need to handle this by throwing the
NotLoggedInException shown in Listing 7-6 .
Listing 7-6. The code for the NotLoggedInException
package com.appirio.timeentry.client;
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