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public String getEmailAddress() {
return emailAddress;
public void setEmailAddress(String emailAddress) {
this.emailAddress = emailAddress;
public String getNickname() {
return nickname;
public void setNickname(String nickname) {
this.nickname = nickname;
LoginService and LoginServiceAsync Interfaces
Now you need to create two interfaces defining your login service and its methods.
In Listing 6-3 notice the “login” path annotation in the LoginService class. You'll
configure this path in the deployment descriptor to map the configuration to this
Listing 6-3. The code for LoginService.class
package com.appirio.timeentry.client;
public interface LoginService extends RemoteService {
public LoginInfo login(String requestUri);
Next, you need to add an AsyncCallback parameter to your service method. Your
interface in Listing 6-4 must be located in the same package as the service interface
and must also have the same name but appended with Async . Each method in this
interface must have the same name and signature as in the service interface
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