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LoginInfo Class
This class is a simple POJO returned by the User service when a user has successfully
logged in using the Google Accounts service. The LoginInfo class is implemented in
Listing 6-2.
Listing 6-2. The code for LoginInfo.class
package com.appirio.timeentry.client;
public class LoginInfo implements Serializable {
private boolean loggedIn = false;
private String loginUrl;
private String logoutUrl;
private String emailAddress;
private String nickname;
public boolean isLoggedIn() {
return loggedIn;
public void setLoggedIn(boolean loggedIn) {
this.loggedIn = loggedIn;
public String getLoginUrl() {
return loginUrl;
public void setLoginUrl(String loginUrl) {
this.loginUrl = loginUrl;
public String getLogoutUrl() {
return logoutUrl;
public void setLogoutUrl(String logoutUrl) {
this.logoutUrl = logoutUrl;
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