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Figure 6-1. The dummy sign-in screen
Adding Authentication for Your Application
To authenticate your users, you will need to make a GWT remote procedure call to
invoke the Users API. The GWT RPC framework simplifies the exchange of Java
objects over the wire between your client and server components. Your client-side
code will use GWT-generated proxy classes to make calls to your server-side service.
These proxy objects will be serialized back and forth by GWT for method arguments
and return values. To develop your login RPC service, you'll need to write the
following four components:
LoginInfo - An object that will contain the login info returned from
the User service.
LoginService - An interface that extends RemoteService and lists all
of your RPC methods.
LoginServiceImpl - A class that extends RemoteServiceServlet and
implements the interface created in LoginService.
LoginServiceAsync - The asynchronous interface for your service
that is called by your client-side code.
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