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Figure 5-4. Proposed timecard UI design displaying the major layout components
Your application will use a VerticalPanel to hold all of your visual elements. The top
section of the panel will consist of a HorizontalPanel holding your logo, email
address, and sign-out link, while the bottom portion will hold a TabPanel with a
number of interfaces.
The first tab is where your users will perform most of their work. It will consist of a
HorizontalPanel holding a date picker, Add Row and Save buttons, and a FlexTable
allowing users to enter their time per day. The bottom of the tab will also have a
HorizontalPanel holding the total number of hours for the timecard.
The second tab will display the hours that the user has entered into the timecard
in a FlexTable . It will be a simple listing and users will not be allowed to edit or delete
The last panel will contain some text describing your application.
Note Some of the new features for the recently announced GWT 2.0 include an improved layout system
and the UiBuilder service. This proposed service will generate widget and DOM structures from XML
markup. This approach is very similar to what you see in Adobe Flex or other XML layout frameworks.
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