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An indicator for reporting whether the entry is billable or non-
Input fields allowing users to enter time for individual days of the
week, from Monday to Sunday.
A subtotal of hours for all entries for a particular week, organized
by project and milestone.
A grand total of all hours for the current timecard.
The ability to click a button to add a new time-entry row to the
The ability to click a Save button that persists users' entries to some
type of data store and clears the user interface of all entries.
The ability to display all of the timecard entries that a user has
The ability for users to log out of their sessions and exit the
Timecard UI Mock-up
Since this is the era of Web 2.0, you should put a slick interface on the application,
with dynamic page refreshes, flashy transitions, and AJAX calls. Figure 5-1 shows a
mock-up what your final application should look like.
Figure 5-1. Proposed timecard UI design
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