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<!-- processes AMF requests -->
GraniteDS communicates with the servlet container through a remoting destination,
which exposes a Java class to your Flex application so that it can invoke methods
remotely. In Listing 4-16, the destination ID is a logical name that your Flex application
uses to refer to the remote class. This eliminates the need to hard-code a reference to the
fully qualified Java class name. This logical name is mapped to the Java class as part of
the destination configuration in services-config.xml. Create a new folder under /WEB-
INF/ called “flex” and create the services-config.xml file with the code in Listing 4-16.
Listing 4-16. The services-config file for your remoting destination
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<destination id="Gateway">
<channel ref="my-graniteamf"/>
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