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Viktor Gorodilov is a Russian lumberjack. He lives and works in the timber-producing village of Sagra, where there are
no paved roads and no reliable police response. When a criminal gang made its way there and the police didn't show,
villagers fought them off using rifles and pitchforks. They were charged with hooliganism and faced potential jail time.
But Viktor's son, Andrei, helped with a public relations campaign to fight the charges. “Publicity was our protection,”
Andrei told me. A lesson in democratic values? Maybe, Andrei said. “But our Russian mentality has to be protected,
too.” (David Gilkey/NPR)
Olga Granovskaya is a college professor in Vladivostok. She had just returned from teaching a semester at the
University of California, Berkeley, but she has no interest in moving to the United States. She loves Russian culture and
loves vacationing with her family on Russia's Pacific coast. She doesn't know where her country is headed and has
come to a less-than-comfortable peace with that. “You get used to knowing nothing about your future here.” (David
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