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The Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk, surrounded by gorges and snow-capped mountains, is Siberia's most gorgeous city,
according to the great Russian writer Chekhov. I could not disagree.
A bride and groom posing for photos at a river overlook just outside Krasnoyarsk. The couple and their friends were all
smiles, exuding a warmth that seemed to melt away the troubles faced by so many in this country—at least for this fleet-
ing afternoon.
Men from Central Asia use the Trans-Siberian to travel deep into Russia, looking for construction work. Our seatmate is
from Uzbekistan. In intimate third-class quarters, you are all but on top of fellow passengers. This photo was taken from
Sergei's bunk. My bed is above Sergei's, and Rose's bed is just above where this man is sitting. We shared dessert, but
the language barrier made conversation tough.
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