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Andrei Gorodilov in Sagra with (from left to right) his friend Andrei, father Viktor, and the attorney who helped villa-
gers avoid prosecution after a skirmish with a criminal gang. The episode, Andrei said, was a reminder that Russia re-
mains dysfunctional and unpredictable. “It's the worst thing to be born into a time of change,” he said. “We were chil-
dren of perestroika. Born in one country, grew up in another, and now live in a third. And who knows what's next?”
A true space souvenir! A week after a meteorite buzzed the city of Chelyabinsk, and plunked into a nearby lake, resid-
ents discovered small black pebbles—presumably, galactic debris. A teenager in the village of Yemanzhelinka pulled
this pebble from his pocket and let me hold it, a powerful moment for a Star Wars nut like myself.
These apartment buildings in Chelyabinsk are pretty typical in Russia. They appear decrepit on the outside, but inside,
many families take pride in making their flats warm and welcoming, with tea always available for visitors.
This shot was taken after a long night at the banya in Uva, Russia. I hit the bathhouse with a doctor named Vasily. We
steamed, drank vodka, ate horse sausage, and tackled the world's problems. As he put it, “If you and I ran the two coun-
tries, there would have been no Cold War!” (This may have been the vodka talking more than Vasily.)
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