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The following photograph (Figure 5) shows the semi-indirect evaporative cooler and its
arrangement above the tank that contains the water used in evaporative cooling.
Figure 5. The Evaporative Cooler device.
As Vasiliev [8] mentioned, the heat pipe or two-phase thermosyphon device is an
important concept in heat exchangers, which can be used in different branches of industry
such as metallurgy, power, oil-refining, glass, etc. There are many articles carried out in the
field of work of heating recovery using heat pipes such as the one by Shao et al [9] who
presented a low pressure-loss heat recovery device based on heat pipes which was suitable for
application in passive stack ventilation where a low pressure loss is essential. Lukitobudi et
al. [10] designed, constructed and tested an air-to-air heat exchanger using thermosyphon heat
pipes using water as the working fluid for heat recovery in industry, such as bakeries. Noie-
Baghban and Majideian [11] designed and constructed a heat pipe heat exchanger for heat
recovery in hospital and laboratories. In their research, the characteristic design and heat
transfer limitations of single heat pipes for three types of wick and three working fluids were
investigated using computer simulation. The experimental results presented agreed with the
data obtained through computer simulation. Abd El-Baky and Mohamed [12] investigated the
thermal performance and effectiveness of heat pipe heat exchanger for heat recovery in air
conditioning applications by measuring the temperature difference of fresh warm and return
cold air through the evaporator and condenser side. The heat transfer and enthalpy ratio
between heat recovery and conventional air mixing are also targeted. The optimum
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