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frequent animation sequences that you can edit globally. Since you can program
the placement of symbols with actions, a symbol definition is still maintained in
the Library even if you have removed all instances of it from the Stage.
All instances of a symbol are based on the same blueprint, meaning they are
initially identical. Like with all other elements, use the Property panel to change
the symbol instance's properties at a later point. Thus, the symbol definition is
the lowest common denominator. Section 5.8.1 on buttons will show you how
to insert dynamic content initially created on the instance level into a symbol
definition through the use of code.
3.6 Exporting and Reusing Symbols
Since symbols are often used as templates, Edge Animate offers the ability to
export all symbol definitions for easy application in other projects. To export a
symbol, right-click on it in the Library panel and choose Export.
Figure 3.30
Symbols can be exported from the
Library for reuse
For exported symbols, Edge Animate uses the native file format *.ansym . The
file format is actually just a ZIP archive containing the necessary HTML and
JavaScript files. If you rename the file, you can unpack the archive and view the
contents of the symbol.
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