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3.5 Nesting and Symbols
As with almost all visual design and authoring tools, Edge Animate offers you
various ways to combine multiple items into groups. You can nest elements as a
way to group them, or transform a group of elements into a symbol.
The grouping of elements is useful when you want to move the elements
all at once or animate them. To create a group, you have two options. The first
option is simply dragging elements to another layer in the Elements panel to
create a group hierarchy. Although you can nest any elements together, the
target lane must be a container or a DIV element. Text and graphics cannot have
child elements.
Figure 3.27
Grouping layers in the Elements panel
As a second option, you can also combine multiple objects on the Stage by
accessing a context menu with a right click and choosing Group Elements in DIV
to create a new group. Unlike the first option, this creates a new container. Now
you can animate this new container and any child elements as if it were a single
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