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Unfortunately, version 1.5 of Edge Animate does not allow the import of
individual layers from a Photoshop PSD file. This would allow you the advan-
tage of creating the static image in Photoshop and saving it as a single file from
which Edge Animate could extract whatever elements or levels it needed for
the animation. Since this is an obvious benefit, it will certainly be included in
future releases. You do not necessarily need to use Photoshop for editing digital
images. Any graphic or image-editing program that exports PNG, JPG, or SVG
files (such as GIMP) can be used in conjunction with Edge Animate.
. Text in Images
If possible, text should be created
directly in Edge Animate; this is
the only way it is searchable with
search engines. If text is part of the
image data, it cannot be selected or
automatically indexed.
Adobe Fireworks • While Photoshop is widely used and offers many ways to
export to the web and mobile devices, you don't need to limit your design work
to that tool exclusively. Adobe Fireworks, also part of the Creative Cloud, is an-
other tool for creating image data. Unlike Photoshop, the focus in Fireworks is
not on the photo-realistic manipulation of images, but rather on the design of
user interfaces. Not only does the program offer numerous user functions set up
as reusable symbols, but it also provides special features to create application
interfaces within the page. For example, you can define different areas within an
image and in different states. Even the slicing of compositions into smaller im-
ages is much better supported in Fireworks. Another advantage of Fireworks is
superior media optimization when exporting image data, yielding better results
with smaller file sizes.
Figure 2.19
Adobe Fireworks has many
additional functions for
creating web layouts and user
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