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In addition to e-books, e-magazines and portfolios—digital formats based on
traditional print media—are becoming very important. Animations, interactivity,
and multimedia content also play a central role here, making Edge Animate the
perfect tool. The Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) offers several extensions
for the classic page layout program InDesign, thus facilitating the integration of
content based on open standards. It comes as no surprise that Edge Animate of-
fers various export options for this scenario. In addition to the Digital Publishing
Suite, Edge Animate also supports Apple's iBook format.
2.1.4 Web Designers and Developers
Types of projects: Templates for content management systems, complicated
user interfaces that are built out in a second stage through programming
Additional tools: JavaScript libraries, frameworks, various APIs and possibly other
code editors / IDEs
This user group approaches web animation from a more technical perspective
and sets aside Edge Animate only when the animation reaches a certain degree
of complexity. For example, simple movements and transition animations are
usually manually coded, such as with jQuery, which hardly makes sense for large
animation sequences. These can be created in Edge Animate compositions with
templates, which the designer or developer then codes to create a specific func-
tion. Components such as jQuery UI can be added and different programming
interfaces (APIs), such as the Facebook API, can be docked to the composition.
What all user groups share is the output media of websites, mobile apps, and
television. Since most web workers have many talents and the line between
design and development is often blurred in many areas, there is some overlap
between the different user groups.
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