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As already mentioned, you can globally filter the output for only output mes-
sages that are at least subordinated to the specified log level. To do this, you can
assign EC.Log.level to one of the following values:
// No logging at all
EC.Log.level = EC.Log.LEVEL_NONE;
// Only log error
EC.Log.level = EC.Log.LEVEL_ERROR;
// Only log warn and error
EC.Log.level = EC.Log.LEVEL_WARN;
// Only log info, warn and error
EC.Log.level = EC.Log.LEVEL_INFO;
// Log everything
EC.Log.level = EC.Log.LEVEL_DEBUG;
Finally, you also have the option to define an additional log target. This can
then be used, for example, when you want to redirect the log output into a DIV
container or display as an alert window.
4 Project
The files for this example can be
downloaded from http://edgebuch.
Project Name: Advanced_Spotlight
EC.error("This is an error log in the console AND as
alert dialog");
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