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function(sym, e) {
Figure 7.6
The basic structure of a reusable
7.3 Reusable Components
Since Edge Animate supports the export and import of symbols, you can eas-
ily create reusable components for use in various projects. In a simple export,
the symbol can only be imported in an identical form into other projects, so
you should consider whether it makes sense to set parameters for the individ-
ual properties. In this way, you can customize the symbol to suit your target
project. The following example shows a Google Maps component with a visible
container and title. The component will be used so that both the title and the
displayed location within the map are externally defined, such as by the parent
composition in the target project.
For this purpose, we create the visual elements as shown in the figure here,
and then convert it all into a new symbol. Inside the symbol, we make the indi-
vidual components visible on the symbol Timeline. Once everything is visible,
we set a trigger with the following script:
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