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In addition, you can opt to deliver the frameworks used in your composition
(jQuery, Edge Animate, etc.) via an alternate content delivery network (CDN).
This means that the generic elements of your composition are not pulled from
your own server but from a central system, such as Google CDN. CDN enables
frameworks to cache better, which results in a significantly shorter loading time.
However, this option only works if an Internet connection exists. If a composition
must also run offline, you should not use this option. The third control option
writes your animation content into the HTML document rather than adding all
the elements at runtime through JavaScript. This can have several advantages.
Firstly, this option makes your content more accessible to search engines. With
static HTML, you do not have to wait for an event before you can access individ-
ual elements using external frameworks.
Figure 6.6
Publishing options for the web
Saving an Edge Animate project immediately generates all JavaScript files, in-
cluding the corresponding An file type. The selection of files below shows which
ones are actually needed to run the composition, making them essential to the
functioning of the animation. The An project file is only used to open the project
in Edge Animate, and only contains data for the actual design. You can already
upload the selected files to any web server.
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