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6.1.2 Down-Level Stage
You can either navigate to the Down-level Stage through the above-mentioned
dialog box for creating poster images or via the Edit button in the Down-level
Stage section of the Property panel. Once you are in the Down-level Stage, Edge
Animate's scope of functions is immediately reduced to the functions supported
in older browsers. For example, the Timeline is entirely deactivated and grayed
out(1). The Stage itself still looks the same (2), but even here, functionality is
very limited. For example, you can no longer group elements or convert them
to symbols. The Property panel (3) on the left side only gives you the option of
adding the Poster that you created earlier.
Figure 6.2
The Down-level Stage with reduced
In addition to graphics and images from the Library, text elements can be
placed on this reduced Stage. For such text elements, you can set basic text
formatting properties (1) as well as a target URL (2). The hyperlink is the only
interaction possible in this mode.
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