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Figure 5.22
In the Code panel, you can view the
entire JavaScript document for all
actions with the Full Code view
5.7 Edge Code and Brackets
If you want more ease of coding beyond Edge Animate's features, you should
take a look at Brackets. This free and open-source code-editor is completely
based on web standards, having been developed with HTML, CSS and JavaS-
cript. The advantages are obvious: any web developer who uses Brackets to
write JavaScript code is already able to customize the code-editor to his or her
own needs. How this can look in everyday work is illustrated by the Brackets
extension for the Edge Commons library, which I will introduce in section 7.4.
While the latest build of Brackets is available on the GitHub code-sharing
website, Edge Code offers Adobe's own version of Brackets. The core of both
versions is the same, but Edge Code contains a selection of pre-installed Adobe
extensions, such as the use of font pools from Edge Web Fonts or the cloud
services of PhoneGap Build.
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