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In Code view, you have access to all a composition's components. Thus, the
left side displays the entire structure of the current composition (1). In this Code
panel, you also use the + icon to add a new event. The advantages of this panel
are pretty clear. You do not have to select the symbols or elements through
multiple double-clicks, but you can use the search section to navigate directly
to the right symbol or element (2). Like the actions Code panel, the right side
of this panel contains the various actions code snippets (3). Additional features
on the Code panel are the warnings at the bottom (4). This section alerts you to
possible errors in the code, which is quite helpful for more complex code.
Figure 5.21
The full Code panel editor in Edge
Animate provides significantly better
navigation options
Furthermore, you can also switch to the Full Code view. While the normal view
only displays the actions for the selected event, the Full Code view displays all
actions data for your composition. Since you are working in the file level rather
than the event level in this mode, the composition's components on the left
are grayed out. This view should be used with caution. Only a few incorrect
changes can make the entire composition useless, and Edge Animate needs a
specific structure and comments to interpret the file. However, you are already
well-versed in the file structure, or simply want to explore the structure of Edge
Animate's actions files to better understand the JavaScript context for actions,
this is the right panel to explore.
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