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Figure 5.9
Currently there are only two symbol
events: creationComplete and
5.2.6 System Events
jQuery events • When working with symbols and actions, you also have ac-
cess to jQuery references, which in turn can fire jQuery specific events.
yepnope callback • In addition to jQuery, you also have use of the yepnope
loading library, which not only loads individual Edge Animate files at run
time, but also runs external JavaScript libraries and style sheets. Since loading
is also asynchronous (in other words, not immediately completed after it is
called), additional system events can be used here that can be handled as
callbacks. The following example illustrates this: first, the destination address
is defined with the load key. A function is defined as a callback, which is then
fired when loading is complete. Since it involves an external source and the
server requires a certain reaction time, loading will definitely happen at a later
. yepnope.js
The yepnope.js library provides
functions for the conditional loading
of JavaScript and CSS files, classifying
it in the Conditional Loader genre.
Yepnope.js is already integrated into
every Edge Animate composition
and does not have to be manually
load: "
complete: function() {
// Your code
// (e.g. start playing the composition)
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