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Figure 4.24
Trigger and action to replay the symbol
If the animation sequence (in this case, an exactly 360° rotation sequence)
starts and stops with the same image, you can use this technique to create
animation loops without any optical jumping or stuttering of the images
during the transition. View the composition in the browser again, and you'll
see that the wheels rotate in a continuous loop.
Now we have to stop the rotation sequence when the car stops at the traffic
light, and restart them as soon as the light turns green and the car moves
again. For this task, return to the Stage Timeline. Here, set the triggers at the
right locations, and go into the “car” and “tire” symbols so you can control the
Timeline with the stop() or play() functions. To do this, place a trigger at
0:02 and navigate through the function getSymbol() to the correct child
Figure 4.25
Action for stopping the “tire” animation
of the child symbol
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