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Figure 4.16
Triggers can be directly on the Timeline
at the playhead's position
The Code panel contains three important areas:
Panel title: The panel title indicates the exact position of the trigger. This val-
ue after the @ sign specifies how many milliseconds there are between the
trigger and the starting point of the Timeline in question. Normally this is
the starting point of the whole composition. Since symbol Timelines are not
linked to the main Timeline, the value after the @ sign refers to the starting
point within the symbol.
Code snippets: The code snippets on the right represent a selection of fre-
quently-used statements. These range from Timeline controls to calling an
external URL to dealing with symbols, elements, and variables, for advanced
Code area: The white area is the editor for writing code. Here you can man-
ually write code or use one of the many code snippets on the right side. All
scripts in Edge Animate are written in JavaScript.
Figure 4.17
A simple action to stop the Timeline
within a trigger
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