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Figure 4.8
While linear movements look mechan-
ical, acceleration and deceleration
appear natural
While in the early stages of Flash, creative coders experimented with formulas
to get the desired results. People like Robert Penner (http://www.robertpenner.
com/easing) have created libraries with many developed easing functions that
are available to the web design community. We can take advantage of this re-
source directly. The figure below shows you all the easing functions contained
in Edge Animate. The graph previews greatly simplify the use of easings, making
it unnecessary to run trials of many combinations.
Basically, easings comprise three main groups: one group creates accelera-
tion, the second causes deceleration and the third group combines both behav-
iors so that the animation begins slowly and slows down again at the end. The
following figure gives an overview of all available easings in Edge Animate and a
graph of their acceleration curve.
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