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Someone who no doubt learned the hard way once said, “There
are only two kinds of travelers—those traveling light and those
who wish they were.”
Once upon a time, people got all dressed up to travel. I can
remember my mother getting me into a white shirt, tie, and sports
jacket for a 90-minute train ride from Hartford to Darien, Con-
necticut, to visit a cousin. And I was all of 11 or 12 years old!
Today it's different. People dress comfortably and casually on
planes and trains and in all but the fanciest restaurants. And while
some may take it to a tasteless extreme, casual traveling has one
big benefit: you don't need to bring so much stuff with you when
you travel. So think things through, organize, pack carefully, and
you'll be able to head off on a two-week vacation with only one
small-to-medium-sized suitcase and a tote bag. Yes, you can!
Pack Smart, Pack Carefully, Be Ruthless
There's a one-word secret to packing light: for women, it's tops ;
for men, it's shirts . Think about it: Tops and shirts are what you
go through the most. They get wrinkled, they get dirty, and they
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