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odds are that you'll have to cancel your trip at the last minute or
interrupt it in progress. How old are you? How's your health?
Are there any family or business circumstances that could cause
you to abort your plans? Bottom line: Travel insurance is really
a crap shoot, and only you can make the call. That said, the only
time I would definitely recommend travel insurance is when you
buy an expensive packaged tour.
A word of warning: Recently, a number of companies have
offered “travel protection.” Not all but many are fly-by-night
scammers who avoid using the word “insurance” because that
would legally require them to register and be licensed by the
states in which they operate. Enough said?
If you do decide on travel insurance, go to www.insuremytrip
.com. It's a Web site that will let you compare benefits and costs
offered by different companies.
Putting Your Itinerary into Final Form
The last step in the planning process is to produce a final version
of your itinerary. Remember that an itinerary is much more than
just a day-by-day schedule. It should be your one written source
of information, including everything you need to know about
your trip: train arrival and departure times, the addresses and
phone numbers of all hotels, confirmation numbers for all reser-
vations (train, hotel, and rental car), other pertinent information,
and any relevant notes.
The format can vary, but every itinerary should present its
information in chronological order. On the next page is a section
from one of my itineraries as it existed about a month before
departure. I note relevant details, such as reservation and confir-
mation numbers, in the far-right column.
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