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Coast Starlight (11, 14)
Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Jose,
Oakland, Sacramento, Klamath Falls,
Eugene, Portland, Olympia, Seattle
1,389 miles
35 hours
Superliner coaches, sleepers, dining
car, lounge car, parlor car
You really get to see a bit of everything on this train, especially
on the northbound run, which provides a bit more daylight for
some of the scenic highlights. Heading north out of Los Angeles,
most of the interesting scenery will be on the left, since the train
will be running along the shoreline for some of the way. After the
stop at Oxnard, California, you should be able to see the Chan-
nel Islands about 20 miles offshore, as well as big platforms for
the offshore oil wells too.
Just after lunch, the Starlight stops at the old mission town
of San Luis Obispo, then begins climbing up toward Cuesta Pass.
Below and on the left, you'll see the huge California Men's Col-
ony, a state penitentiary. Then, if you move to a window on the
right side, you'll see the entire train as it goes through two horse-
shoe curves. Later in the afternoon, you'll be in the Salinas Val-
ley, where all kinds of fresh produce grow on many thousands of
acres. It's very appropriately called America's Salad Bowl. At the
northern end of the valley you'll pass through Castroville. Take
note if you like artichokes, because most of them come from right
here. By the time the sun goes down, you'll have a good idea as to
how important agriculture is to California.
About 15 minutes after a stop in Oakland, the Starlight
reaches Emeryville. If your destination is San Francisco, Amtrak
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