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City. You'll cross the Hell Gate Bridge onto Manhattan Island,
then dip underground and below the streets. These trains used
to end up in wonderful old Grand Central Terminal (the com-
muter trains still do), but Amtrak now uses a bypass and goes
straight to Pennsylvania Station. Some of these trains continue
on to Washington.
Boston-New York
New Haven
Ten to twelve times a day in each
3½ hours for Acela trains; 4 hours
for Northeast Regional service
Acela trains: First class, business
class, quiet car, cafe car; Northeast
Regional trains: Amfleet coaches,
business class, quiet car, cafe car
This is really a nice ride. After leaving Boston, the southbound
train passes through some typically New England areas. Soon
after Providence, Rhode Island, the ocean is frequently visible on
the left. Also look for submarines as you cross the Thames River
at New London. I'm not kidding—that's where they're built by
the Electric Boat division of General Dynamics. The Merchant
Marine Academy is also here. Along the Connecticut shore you'll
see some wonderful old homes built early in the century and plea-
sure boats by the hundreds. Approaching New York City, you'll
get a good view of the classic city skyline. Wi-Fi is now available
in trains on this run. (Note: All of these trains continue south
to Washington, with a few continuing on to Newport News,
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