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Halifax and Montreal. These railcars are also used on two express
trains running daily between Montreal and Toronto. I rode the
Ocean a few years back and must say I liked this equipment a
great deal. The Ocean consists include coaches, sleeping cars
with compartments accommodating either one or two people (all
with toilets and some with both toilets and showers), a lounge
car primarily serving coach passengers, and a full-on dining car
for sleeping-car passengers. You can see interior photographs of
these accommodations on VIA Rail's Web site,
Note that when traveling on the Ocean, you might find yourself
riding in the classic stainless-steel cars if some of the Renaissance
equipment is out of service for maintenance. But don't worry;
either one will serve you very well indeed.
LRC Fleet
VIA's LRC (“light, rapid, comfortable”) cars are found in the
Windsor-Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal-Quebec corridor. Trains
operating between these cities run quietly and smoothly at speeds
of up to 100 miles per hour. The cars are well designed with large
windows and are tastefully decorated. Two types of service are
offered in this central corridor.
The standard LRC coach will accommodate 74 passengers in
rows of two seats on each side of an aisle and includes room for
a wheelchair. There are two lavatories at the rear end of the car.
A small food-service area is located at the opposite end where
passengers may purchase snacks and beverages.
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