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dow. Heavy zippered curtains are pulled across each section for
privacy. (Remember the sleeping-car scenes in Some Like It Hot ?
That's what a section looks like with the curtains pulled at night.)
Roomettes are designed for one person and include a comfortable
seat, a sink, a toilet, and a small closet where a few garments may
be hung. At night, the bed folds down from the wall. It covers the
toilet, however, so get some instruction from the car attendant on
how to raise it in case you need to use those facilities during the
night. There are six bedrooms, each of which will accommodate
two people and includes either a bench-type sofa or two chairs, a
toilet, and a sink. The seating converts into two beds at night, a
lower and an upper berth.
Here are some additional observations about the facilities in
these sleepers that may prove helpful:
• Bedroom F is about a foot larger than the others, and on a
three-night trip you'll appreciate the extra space. Try to get
this particular room when you book.
• Bedrooms A, C, and E are configured so that your seats are
facing toward the rear of the train. Some people don't care,
but I much prefer to ride facing forward. (Just to complicate
things, these sleepers come in two slightly different configura-
tions. If these variables matter to you, double-check with the
VIA Rail reservations agent when booking.)
• Probably the best arrangement for a family of four traveling
together would be to reserve sections 1 and 2. They're located
directly across from each other, so you'll be able to see out of
both sides of the train. The downside might be having other
passengers walking by your seats as they pass through the car,
but you'll quickly get used to that. Also the reasonable cost of
these accommodations should more than make up for it.
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