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In this window we can enter a name for our field (entering a name is a good practice
since that name will later be used to retrieve the value of the field). We can optionally
enter an initial value for the field. Additionally we can select the type of the input
field, our options are: text (for standard text fields), password (for password fields,
fields of this type will not display characters as they are typed into the field, instead
either asterisks or dots will be shown, depending on the browser), and hidden (fields
that are not displayed on the rendered page but are part of the page's markup).
Additionally, we can set the initial state of our field to either disabled or read
only, plus we can select a width for our input field. Initial state and width are only
applicable when the type is either text or password.
After dropping our component into its proper place in the page, selecting its
properties and clicking on the OK button, and then entering some text in the
adjacent table cell to be used as a label for our field, the markup for our page now
looks like this:
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