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One last thing worth mentioning, even though it is not strictly a keyboard shortcut, a
very useful feature of the NetBeans editor is that left-clicking on a method or variable
while pressing Ctrl will turn the method or variable into a hyper link. Clicking on that
hyper link will result in NetBeans taking us to the method or variable declaration.
Understanding NetBeans visual cues
In addition to offering keyboard shortcuts, code templates, and code completion,
NetBeans offers a number of visual cues that allow us to better understand our code
at a glance. Some of the most useful are illustrated in the following screenshot:
When there is a warning in our code NetBeans will alert us in two ways, it will
underline the offending line with a squiggly yellow line, and it will place the icon
shown below in the left margin of the offending line.
The light bulb in the icon indicates that NetBeans has a suggestion on how to fix the
problem, moving the caret to the offending line and hitting Alt+Enter as discussed in
the previous section will result in NetBeans offering one or more ways of fixing the
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