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Integrating NetBeans with a third party
NetBeans comes with built-in integration with the JavaDB RDBMS system. Addi-
tionally, it comes with JDBC drivers for other RDBMS systems such as MySQL and
PostgreSQL. It also comes with the JDBC-ODBC bridge driver to connect to RDBMS
systems that don't natively support JDBC or for which a JDBC driver is not readily
Although using the JDBC-ODBC bridge allows us to connect to most RDBMS systems
without having to obtain a JDBC driver, it is usually a better idea to obtain a JDBC
driver for our RDBMS. The JDBC-ODBC bridge does not offer the best performance
and there are JDBC drivers available for the vast majority of RDBMS systems.
In this section, we will create a connection to HSQLDB, an open source
RDBMS written in Java. The idea is illustrate how to integrate NetBeans
with a third party RDBMS, the procedure is very similar for other RDBMS
systems such as Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, and so on.
Adding a JDBC driver to NetBeans
Before we can connect to a third party RDBMS, we need to add its JDBC driver to
NetBeans. To add the JDBC driver, we need to right-click on the Drivers node under
the Databases node in the Services tab.
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