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Debugging Enterprise
Applications with the
NetBeans Debugger
Debuggers help us test and debug applications. NetBeans includes a debugger
that can help us seamlessly debug all of our Java applications, including enterprise
applications. In this appendix we will cover the NetBeans debugger, highlighting
features that make our lives as Java EE developers easier.
Debugging enterprise applications
Typically debugging enterprise Java EE applications is a somewhat complicated
process, our application server needs to be started in the "debug mode". The procedure
for doing this is different depending on the application server, but typically involves
passing some command line parameters to the shell script or executable that starts the
application server. Our code must also be compiled with debugging enabled; this is
usually done by either setting a parameter on the IDE or passing some arguments to
the javac executable. Also, our debugger must be "attached" to the application server
so that it can "see" the code running in a separate JVM.
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