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NetBeans defaults to showing this start page every time it is started, if we don't wish for
this page to be displayed automatically every time NetBeans is started, we can disable
this behavior by un-checking the checkbox labeled Show on Startup at the bottom of
the page. We can always get the start page back by going to Help | Start Page .
Configuring NetBeans for Java EE
NetBeans comes preconfigured with the GlassFish 3 application server, and with
the JavaDB RDBMS. If we wish to use the included GlassFish 3 and JavaDB RDBMS,
there is nothing we need to do to configure NetBeans.
We can, however, integrate NetBeans with other Java EE application servers such as
JBoss, Weblogic, or WebSphere and with other Relational Database Systems such as
MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, or any RDBMS supported by JDBC, which pretty much
means any RDBMS.
Integrating NetBeans with a third party
application server
Integrating NetBeans with an application server is very simple, to do so, we need
to follow the following steps:
In this section we will illustrate how to integrate NetBeans with JBoss,
the procedure is very similar for other application servers or servlet
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